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FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions about
BOMA Boston

Q. Why should I join BOMA Boston?
A. BOMA Boston gives you instant access to several hundred business contacts comprised of our dynamic group of members.  In addition to offering you invaluable contacts, BOMA Boston membership gets you discounted event rates and regular industry updates—not to mention frequent networking opportunities. We at BOMA Boston do everything within our power to instill the greatest value into your membership, making it more than worth the price of joining. 

Click here to review a detailed list of BOMA Boston membership benefits.

Q. Can’t I just join under my company’s membership?
A. Membership at BOMA Boston is done on an individual basis; there are no company or corporate memberships. Each individual must submit a membership application and dues separately.

Q. What does it cost to join?
A.  There are two categories of membership at BOMA: Industry and Affiliate. If you are involved in the ownership or management of commercial real estate, you are an Industry member and your dues may be based on the amount of property your company manages.

If you provide a service to property owners or managers, you are an Affiliate member. If you are the first BOMA Boston member from your company, you are the Principal member and if you are not the first person to join, you are an Additional member.

These distinctions help determine what your membership fees are. For detailed and current membership pricing, please visit our Membership page by clicking here.

Q. When are the meetings?
With more than 600 members, BOMA Boston does not hold general membership meetings; however, we do have committees that meet regularly. Once you join a committee, you will be added to its mailing list and will receive meeting notices and follow-ups. Interested in joining a committee? Click here to see what we have to offer. 

Q. What is my member number and password?
Your membership number is assigned by the BOMA Boston staff and allows you to access online members-only content. For easy retrieval, it’s important that you save your BOMA Boston membership number in an easy-to-find place. We recommend saving it in a Word document, on your desktop, in your email program or on a post-it. If you do not have your membership number, please contact Heather Dupont at hdupont@gbreb.com. Your password is your last name in all lowercase letters. You may change your password by accessing your online profile through the Members Only webpage.

Q. Why don’t I get BOMA Boston emails?
If you have changed companies in the last few months, you may have forgotten to notify BOMA Boston of your move. Please give us a call to ensure that we have your most up-to-date contact information—617-399-7863. If your contact information is up-to-date and you still are not receiving BOMA communications, your SPAM filter might be blocking us. Make sure BOMA Boston is on your “Approved Sender” list or contact your IT team to remedy the problem.