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Rental Housing Association

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a tenant and I have an issue with my landlord, can you help me?
As a trade association representing owners and managers of rental property, we do not provide counseling to the general public. If you have an issue that is legal in nature, you might wish to contact the office of the Attorney General at 617 727 8400 and ask for tenant assistance.

I am an owner/manager and have a question regarding landlord-tenant law.
If you are a member, we do offer a legal hotline which will give you general information. Access to the hotline is included in your dues. If you need specific legal advice you should contact you attorney. If you are not a member of the Rental Housing Association, you should contact the office of the Attorney General at the number above. We also recommend the purchase of the Massachusetts Landlord Survival Guide, which is available at www.formsforrealestate.com.

Can you recommend a company to manage my property?
At present, we are unable to do so, but we are working on a search function that would allow you to search our members (owners, managers and vendors) by type of business.

I am looking for an apartment, can you help?
In fairness to all our members, we do not recommend any one member company over another. Numerous listing services, in print, and electronic formats are readily accessible to assist you in your search.