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Earn your Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technicians and advance your
career in apartment maintenance. NAAEI developed the CAMTprogram to provide
the knowledge and tools necessary to run a cost-effective maintenance program.

Whether you are a new or experienced maintenance technician, you can improve your:
• Management of Preventive Maintenance
• Accuracy of Diagnosis of Maintenance Issues
• Ability to Make Cost-Effective Repair/Replacement Decisions

CAMT Modules:
• Interior & Exterior Maintenance & Repair
• Electrical Maintenance & Repair
• Plumbing Maintenance & Repair
• Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
(HVAC) Maintenance & Repair
• Appliance Maintenance & Repair

• Welcome to the Industry
• Customer Service
• Teamwork
• Time & Project Management
• Money Matters
• Documentation & Paperwork
• Maintenance & Emergencies
• Safety First
• Compliance
• CAMT has been enhanced with FranklinCovey video-based courses!

Fall Session Added!Contact Kim with Questions
Kim McCrossen at 703-248-8370 or
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